_creating livable cities exhibition

Design - Ian Douglas - Jones
Graphics - Sarah-Lee Anderson
Build - Luke Leuschke & Tommy Ashby

With over half the worlds population living in cities it is imperative we seek out new methods to reduce the drain on our precious resources. Forming part of the Creating Livable Cities Exhibition
i-n-d-j examines water & ecological footprints of 5 cities & the visionary tactics designers are using to help reduce our impact on the environment.

The tags on the undulating surface of Green Grid provide a visual representation of the ecological footprint of five cities. Ecological footprint is represented through the amount of space required to sustain one person. The closer together the tags the smaller the ecological footprint, the further apart the bigger the ecological footprint of the city. The ecological footprint takes into account the full spectrum of resources to sustain human life, one of which is water. The water footprint for individuals in each city can be seen along the bottom of this poster.

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