I a n   D o u g l a s - J o n e s



Non-place, the ubiquitous spatial condition of late consummer-capitalism. You are never far from the familier in the globalized country. It has its own laws, beliefs and culture. Who lives in the global country? What if that air-side tax free haven was your country? Hand on heart you sing the international anthem, fly your flag to a new patriotism, for a nowhere place... All your needs wants and desires play out here; you need never leave the 'port' apron(s) again. A hyper-country that is everywhere and no-where. Drifting from void to void in a maximized global derive, you never leave the Free State of Aeronautica, Trans-pasific-atlantical Glo-cal.  In curvatious, rectilinear and idiosyncratic, localized borders exist; razor wire, chainlink fence, CCTV, magnetic arches, biometrics, handcuffs and cavity searches.  Within the haven, everything and nothing can happen simultaneously, heady spakling win win win, cokes, eat,hut,rolex,pret,yo,s'bucks,bKing,McD,channel,dior,bennys,kremes' you name it we got it, flash bang waiting, for a plane that never leaves or one that never lands. In limbo, in (mp3) utero, tears or smiles, entry or exit.  

Like the gambling nether-regeon on the Cabodian-Vietnaese border, Political no-mans land of Kowloon Walled City or Twilight Reno. For the workers and travellers of Aeronautica, life is comforting; a super personal, urber de-personalized utopia for a plastic populous of an identi-kit country. That is really 10,000 parallel countries.

LAX = SYD = LHR = JFK = DAL = HNK = AKL = HNL = MLB = HOU = LTN = STD = LGW = PCG = BNK = HAN = TKY = NWK......