I a n   D o u g l a s - J o n e s


" The old banks are fucked, the old capitalism has collapsed, the climate is in a mess, there are no jobs, there is no pay, the certainties of community is a big fraud, thirty years of market driven morality is revealed as a mirage" - Clive Sall & Bobby Desai

social capital - economic capital - sustainibility - consumption

We need to respond to this current era of economic, social and climatic uncertainty.  Notions of production and consumption must be realigned. Investment must shift, new capital must be sought.

To gauge this realignment,  a new meridian scribes the earth, a new point of reference, at 51°29'43.23"N ,0° 0'59.93"W, the new line of measurement is not of time, but of quality and essence, of wealth of community and sustainability.

T.N.C. reacts to bolster our confidence in the future. At once blatant and stealthy, a tactic is deployed city wide, appropriating now defunct acres of retail space, and the cities untapped resource of it rooftops, for food production and distribution. In essence a branding strategy for re-localization of or most basic production requirement: food.

At a community scale, the city as villages concept is rekindled with a new exemplary village:   The Isle of Dogs is appropriated, and encircled by a  green ring of land reclaimed from the Thames, A grand gesture that enables the provision of food and energy for the new exemplary community within, at its heart; the embodiment of social and environmental capital.  A renewed sense of civitas is manifest in new enviro-social forum.  At once global and local,  it is the new bench mark for progress, in a direction towards new capital.